This month at Randall and Aubin in Soho, Chef Patron Ed Baines, inspired by the sights he saw up in Peterhead, has embraced the traceability and provenance of the resurgent North Sea cod and decided to showcase its unique flavour and texture, with these incredibly delicious dishes, which simply have to be sampled to be believed. If you love seafood and want to support our great UK fishing industry, get yourself to Brewer Street, where unlike in the North Sea, and at the rate they’re flying out of the kitchen, stocks won’t last!


Throughout the harsh winter months, the abundant populations of fish in the Northern North Sea are harvested sustainably by the fishing vessels of the Scottish fleet, operating from the far-flung granite-hewn, reaches of the North East Buchan coast. Iconic ports such as Peterhead and Fraserburgh, play host to a myriad of craft, all plying their trade on the desolate, slate-grey, and icy waters between Aberdeenshire and Norway.

Of all the species hunted, by these hardy and committed souls, the cod remains synonymous with the UK’s preferred “plat du jour”, especially when it comes to flavour and versatility. Great news too for the fishermen and consumer alike, as populations in that particular part of coastline, are on the increase, thanks to conservation measures and good practice, adopted and pioneered by the fishermen themselves, in order to promote sustainability and ensure a viable industry for generations to come.


At Randall & Aubin we totally respect the part these, “last of the wild hunters” play in bringing seafood to our menu, in what is the UK’s most dangerous peacetime occupation. We want to celebrate this incredibly flavoursome and totally traceable fish and share with you its fascinating provenance. We’ve met the fishermen, we’ve heard their story, we’re keen to share with you what we’ve seen and most importantly, we want you to taste the results.


Our Chef Director, Ed Baines, recently discovered for himself at Peterhead’s Fish Market, exactly what great health the North Sea fish stocks are in and has conjured up a special celebratory menu for February, that showcases the cod in all its splendour, with classic dishes designed to get the best out of the best.
The finest examples of this amazing species seen on the market, are caught using the “Scottish Seine Net” – a bit like a trawl net, but without the damage to both fish and environment. We believe that the quality of fish from the “seiners” is matched only by line-caught day boats and the technique is a sustainable and responsible practice.


All through the month, we’ll tempt you with a fabulous offering of this hearty, denizen of the deep, in ways that we know exemplifies the cod’s unique flavour and texture. The fish are in fabulous quality right now and are with us literally within hours of landing on Peterhead Fish Quay.


Cod & clams
roasted in garlic butter with sprouts & peas á la française

Grilled cod
with winter mushroom, leeks, creamed spinach & truffle pissaladière

Olive oil poached cod
with brioche & herb crumbs, buttered spring greens & endive, rough cut crisp potatoes with chives & parmesan

Grilled cod
with pepperonata & oregano dressing

Roast cod with mussels & shrimps in broth
with cavelo nero, turnips & dragoncello sauce

Teriyaki & truffle glazed Cod
with pak choy, tender stem broccoli, sticky rice & miso broth

Almond milk and bay poached cod
with crisp zucchini strings, peas, beans & pearl onions & hollandaise sauce

Lemon oil cod confit
with spiced aubergine capers, raisins & a tomato broth

Roasted cod rolled in Parma ham
with sautéed scallops and gremolata,. braised gem hearts, peas & garlic, shellfish sauce & creamed potatoes

Cod pithivier with creamed leeks & spinach with cauliflower, potatoes & vacherin cheese tartiflett

Roast cod with brown shrimps & seaweed butter
braised Jerusalem artichokes & parsnips with parsley buttered cabbage

Char grilled cod
with red pepper, chorizo & pimentos with patatas bravas & aioli

Crispy spiced cod á la française
with caviar lentils, pearl onions & carrots with caper & anchovy sauce

Cod roasted in anchovy butter
with clams, braised tender stem broccoli & crushed new potatoes


We’re passionately committed to UK seafood at Randall & Aubin and we’re determined to ensure that every dish is traceable from “Net to Plate” Our fishermen deserve respect and we’re proud to say that we enjoy their company. A special thank you to Mike Warner for helping us with our mission.

Join us this February and help us put British cod back on the menu. It’s an amazing story. For more details and to watch Ed Baines prepare one our of dishes in an informal video at the Randall & Aubin pass click here to be directed to that post.

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