Along the South coast of the UK right now and in particular, betwixt Portland and Start Point, an annual phenomenon is occurring. An inshore explosion of abundant seafood, that although increasingly important and vital to the local coastal economies of Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, rarely breaks the news in the markets, fishmongers and kitchens of… Read More Cuttles

Åh Herregud! – A Swedish Seafood Odyssey.

It’s seldom that I can profess to have become completely and overwhelmingly entranced with something. I can literally count the occasions singlehandedly. My wife (obvs), the Cornish village of Mousehole, my boat, the occasional dog, autumn skies and oysters to name only a few. However, I can categorically add another to the list in the… Read More Åh Herregud! – A Swedish Seafood Odyssey.