A Passion for Seafood

It’s five years since I started the blog East Coast Avocet and how time has flown? What started out as a personal journey to indulge my passion for seafood and explore the diversity of the UK fishing industry along the way, has morphed into a full-time writing, consultancy and advocacy career, advising chefs, media influencers and consumers alike, on the realities of our native seafood and its production

During this incredible odyssey, I’ve encountered many characters and made many friends and of course, eaten some incredible seafood. I’ve learned a huge amount about seafood cuisine and cookery form the countless chefs I’ve engaged with and that has inspired me to cook more myself.

So I’ve gone to the next level and created www.apassionforseafood.com a new, more recipe-focussed site which will still be full of the same boundless passion for our seas and its bounty, but with a new narrative – enticing consumers young and old to become reacquainted with our fish and shellfish and to embracing its cuisine through simple and straightforward easy-to-cook recipes to be enjoyed at home.

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October 2019