“A Passion For Seafood” – another nomination 

A Passion for Seafood” started as a personal journal. An attempt to convey my feelings for just how much pleasure, fish and shellfish have afforded me during my lifetime. A platform too, to share my understanding of and admiration for our UK fishing industry. A vote of respect and grateful thanks to those hardy and often unassuming souls who venture forth 365 days a year in often the most appalling and hazardous conditions, just so people like me can smack their lips and savour what is essentially one of our last true sources of wild protein.

But, now it’s become more than just that. As my journey continues, the acquaintances (and now friends), I’ve made along the way, have encouraged me and supported me to go further in my quest and peel back more layers of the story behind our seafood, a task which I’m massively keen and only too happy to pursue. Online media has provided the tools and incentive for me, to reach a wider and increasingly receptive audience who remain intrigued and beguiled by my research.

I’m delighted then, that my blog’s nomination has been accepted in the UK Blog Awards 2017 in the Food & Drink section. It’s all work in progress and I have no burning aspirations to come top, but if you feel that you’ve enjoyed my musings enough to want to vote for me, then it’s just a click away.


Thank you!


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