Randall and Aubin

I’m delighted to announce, that in 2017, I shall be working in partnership with Randall & Aubin, the prestigious and vibrant Soho brasserie that specialise in serving sustainable UK seafood of the utmost quality and provenance.

Founded in 1996, by friends and business partners Jamie Poulton and Ed Baines, between them they’ve turned what was an iconic and much loved London butchers, into an iconic and much loved London restaurant, by capturing and combining the ethos of responsibly sourced and fresh, seasonal, ingredients with the passion and zest for hospitality and entertainment, so in keeping with this historic and often hedonistic part of London.

My role? Well, as we share identical values and principles when it comes to seafood, Randall & Aubin are the ideal partner for me to help broaden my repertoire for researching and promoting our fantastic and sustainable UK Fishing Industry. My remit as I see it, is to re-connect the consumer to the fishermen, a relationship that through bad press and misinformation over the years, has suffered as a result.

Our fishermen, of all sectors, from trawlers to hand-liners, operate under the most hazardous and demanding conditions of any industry on earth. They are the last of the true wild hunters and recognise, that in the 21st century, responsibility and sustainability must underpin what they do. We owe it to them to promote their produce, learn more of its provenance and ensure that their story is told.

Wild-caught seafood is a product that needs to be treated with respect. Those who engage in its harvest, with admiration. Those of us who delight in its unique seasonality and flavour can rest assured, that restaurants like Randall & Aubin, offer total traceability from the boat to the plate and a close relationship with those who toil on the high seas.

Mike Warner

January 2017