Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting.

I’m a self-confessed seafoodholic, with a deep-seated passion for the life of the shallow seas around our coast. I’m all about catching, cooking, and eating responsibly-caught fish and shellfish. I have a particular weakness for lobster! I grew up in a coastal community and spent much of my youth crewing for an inshore fishermen on the Suffolk coast, longlining and potting.

I’m equally passionate about our UK Fishing Industry, those who operate within it and the communities they support. I’m constantly striving to improve my knowledge of seafood and how it’s caught. I firmly believe that the best way to do this is to engage with and support our fishermen of all sectors. They, like farmers, are best placed to present the realities of their industry in intimate detail. I despair that so many “opinions” are given on the fishing industry by those who neither work within it, nor live near it. Commercial fishing is the country’s most dangerous peacetime occupation and its proponents deserve respect and admiration, not vilification and constant criticism.

My writing is designed to educate, enthuse, inspire and inform. For those of you who share my love of seafood and our fisheries please do read, enjoy and feel free to comment and subscribe.

I also write creative web and print copy for the seafood industry. I regularly contribute to fishonfriday.org.uk and The Skipper magazine. I consider myself very privileged to be a member of The Guild of Food Writers and had the accolade of being shortlisted for Best Food Blog at the 2016 GFW Awards.

I’ve derived so much pleasure from seafood over the years, I just wish to give something back.

Join me!

Mike Warner

January 2017

7 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Menakhem. Thanks for your message and your interest. As far as quotas go, the only comment i’d make at the moment is that catch limits set on the back of scientific advice, don’t allow for regional, intelligent, fishery management, e.g North Sea Cod, where extra quota now would be entirely beneficial for that particular population. More management decisions need to be made at local level, in consultation with the fishermen, who can provide a true and accurate picture. Mike


  1. Good afternoon Mike,

    On your websiteWe found your picture of the Deben footferry, arriving at a wooden pier.
    This picture would be very suitalable to use in an article we make about sailing near your beautiful coast.
    We are Zilt Magazine, an online digital magazine about sailing, published in Holland.
    It is an online magazine only, no print, and free for all to read.
    Would it be possible if we use your picture in this article? And if yes, what photocredits do you want us to use? This can be your name or a link to a website or both.
    We hope to hear from you,
    best regards from sunny Amsterdam,
    Sjors van der Woerd
    (to open an issue of the magazine, click on a screen on the website.)


  2. Hi
    I saw a post on Mrs Portly’s Kitchen (Linda Duffin) about your brown shrimp expedition yesterday. Do you know of anywhere that sells these wonderful creations on or near the Suffolk coast and not too far away from Thorpeness. I’ve strong childhood memories of consuming quite a lot of the Morecambe Bay brown shrimps and loving them and I would like to recreate that pleasure again.

    Thanks & regards
    David Hawkes


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