An Unexpected Accolade

I have to say, I’m not really one for grand statements. I do what I do and write what I write purely and simply because I have an all-consuming passion for the wild fish and shellfish that are responsibly and sustainable harvested around our shores. As a direct consequence of that and the lifetime’s enjoyment that it’s given me, I have become intrinsically connected to the UK fishermen, markets and harbours that carry out this daily function, often under the most challenging and dangerous conditions, just so that seafood can arrive at our tables. Their industry and innovation excites and inspires me. Their fundamental and deeply engrained desire to pursue and catch a wild food quarry, whilst ensuring its longevity for future generations, I find unmatched in any other profession.

It is therefore with great delight and a modest hint of pride, that the shortlisting of my blog, in the Guild of Food Writers Awards, for the Best Food Blog category, has just been announced. In the scheme of things, I haven’t been writing for that long, certainly not when compared to the immense body of talent that exists within the Guild. All I have done is taken my love of seafood and sought engagement with the fishing industry, to create an amalgam of their knowledge and wisdom with an added dash of reality, that hopefully consumers and seafood lovers will find captivating.

It’s therefore the fishermen I really have to thank for this. From the deep water trawler skippers to the artisan inshore lobstermen and netters, they have allowed me into their their lives and entrusted me to tell their story. I cannot ask for more than that and I appreciate their candour and willingness to assist in my quest to understand more fully what they do and how it affects us, the recipients of their labours.

I’m looking forward with real excitement, to the Guild Awards evening on June 22nd. I wish all the shortlistees every success and the best of luck!


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